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About FXNetwork

We are a group of friends that met through a Forex trading course and realized the power of studying and trading together.

When we discovered CashFX we took it on as a group project to help others learn and become profitable in Forex.

Göran Carlfors

CEO of Två Ögon & Co

A business owner and Former IT CEO. His business experience together with a desire to help others, he brings to the table his experience with investing in stocks, shares, funds and the Forex market. He is constantly helping others to understand and advance in their knowledge of the markets and sees CashFX as the perfect environment for a community of people helping people to help people.

Kim Viklund

CEO of Sulab AB

Entrepreneur and CEO at heart with a belief that “employees come first”. His lust for knowledge and childlike curiosity is his recipe for success in business and trading. He sees CashFX as the perfect mechanism to build a community of like-minded people that help each other on their path to success.

Terese Karlsson

MD of Science in Business and Economics

She has been working in the Swedish banking industry helping customers to make better and confident decisions about their economy. She sees Forex as an impartial tool for anyone who has a desire to improve their investment portfolio. She enjoys the challenges in trading and sees CashFX as the perfect opportunity to combine her education and joy of trading with helping others.

Tom Kershaw 

IT and Digital Marketing

Over 20 years of experience. He understands what it takes to create leads that convert. He has had been focused on all aspects of Forex trading since 2016, from brokers to strategies, money management to trading psychology. He sees CashFX as the perfect medium to help others become successful.


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