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Google spreadsheet for the Academy Trading Pack

ATP Forecaster

ATP Forecaster is a Google spreadsheet being developed by one of FXNetwork's team members, Tom Kershaw. Hundreds of hours have been invested to make this a useful and user friendly tool for CFX members. It is available on his website, PassiveTraders.Club.

Translated into English and Swedish and ready for a third language.

Ready to import data from two CFX accounts with the possibility for more.

Videos and documentation available.

6 months access to support and updates. 

Simulate and visualize future possibilities

All the transactions that can be done on your CFX Academy Trading Pack contract can be simulated in this Google spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is based on a week-based timeline where you can change the weekly returns % or level of your start contract and visualize different scenarios.

You can also plan a 100K profit strategy. You can import your CFX Balance and include Bull bonuses to your forecasting.

For your CFX prospects

This is a fantastic tool to demonstrate the profit process to prospects.

Demonstrate the compounding interest effect of the Academy Trading Pack as the value increases over time.

Play out different scenarios before their eyes.

Your prospects will make an educated decision about which package to start with as they consider becoming a CFX member.


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