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Set up your CFX account

It is not difficult to get started with a new CFX account. There are basically four steps to get started. We will walk through the steps to help avoid problems that can occur during the process. We recommend that you use your Gmail address when creating accounts. We have noticed that some other email addresses can cause problems. 

1. Register an account with CFX

Or contact the person who introduced you to CFX.

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Is this your sponsor?


CF register form sponsor id

Check to see if you have the right sponsor ID before you submit the registration form.

2. Set up 2 Factor Authenticator (2FA)

*Set up at the first login

To be able to manage your CFX account securely online, you need to use a 2FA security app, ie Google Authenticator.

You will use the Authenticator when you log in to your CFX account and when you perform a transaction in your dashboard.

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3a. Sign up for an e-wallet

You need an e-wallet to be able to deposit and withdraw money from your CFX account. CFX uses bitcoin for all transactions, ie all deposits and withdrawals of money are made via bitcoin. Bitcoin is used by CFX because it is a currency that is fast, secure and works everywhere. You also need a bank card connected to 3-D Secure to transfer money to your e-wallet.

(this video is in Swedish)

New instructions coming soon.

3b. In Sweden you can use BT.CX

BT.CX is a Swedish service that helps you directly transfer money to your e-wallet. Use SWISH to transfer money directly from your bank account via and then on to your e-wallet.

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4. Purchase an Academy Trading Pack

At this point you should have your CFX account registered with 2FA set up and money in your e-wallet. Now it's time to buy your first Academy Trading Pack (ATP). There are 2 types of packages to buy, Academy Pack and Academy Trading Pack and if you are interested in receiving trade returns make sure you choose the Academy Trading Pack. The minimum package starts at $ 300. Never trade money that you are not prepared to lose. Just because something has historically yielded a return, there is no guarantee of future returns.

(this video is in Swedish)

Click here for step by step instructions

5. Back Office navigation

(this video is in Swedish)

6. Upgrade your ATP

(this video is in Swedish)

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We do not provide financial advice
Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns
Only invest money that you can afford to lose

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